Healing Initiation

Learn about the Universe Energy & Healing

@Nikita Pirogove

Create an Healing Space with the energy of the universe

An 8 day workshop over 3-4 weekends or a full week

With the permission of my Guides and the person who taught me, I am happy to open the doors to this initiation and transmission. Discover and understand a complete holistic protocol.

Each day begins with a time with oneself and body: Flow-Dance – Yoga and / or Meditation and ends with a talking circle. This Workshop offer you a beautiful step in your spiritual path towards you, your gifts, your feelings and the guides and guardians who accompany you on the path. A step that I suggest you take with me in small groups of 2 to 8 participants. Learn to be this magnificent hollow bone of light that serves the Being and all that surrounds it. For more information on this initiation & transmission contact me.

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