Yoga & Relaxation

Flow - Yin - Hatha

@Nabila El Hadad

Yoga is a way to balance, feel, breath and connect with your being. I offer classes in small groups or individual, mixing Pranayama, Flow, Yin, Hatha, Intention, Observation, Meditation & Yoga Nidra.
Nowadays, “Yoga” is most often associated with physical exercise. But it is much more, it is an art, allowing to unite and balance the physical, mental and spiritual bodies. I like to say that Yoga leads to finding perfection in imperfection.
Understand your body, listen to it, then enter in an Asana (posture) at your own pace, in simplicity, not using force and strength but gradually becoming the Asana.

Asana alone brings stability, comfort, focus and connection. It unifies stability in non-movement, comfort through non-resistance. It brings discipline and self-respect.

Through my classes inhale-observe, exhale-relax: surrender. The practice of Yoga liberates, refocuses, cleanses, unifies and roots.
I offer you a slow-motion practice, gently for self-understanding between breath and Asana with the mat as your only tool.
The class always ends with a relaxation time, Yoga Nidra or meditation to connect within and with your surroundings.

Between 1h and 1h30 class