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Estelle provides holistic healing techniques targeting the multifold levels of your existence: physical, energetic, emotional and spiritual. She facilitates the process through communicating with you and helping to understand, accept, and listen to your inner-self. As a Yoga and Intuitive Flow Movement instructor, she brings her own view of the philosophy and technique mixed with elements of shamanic wisdom and connection with nature.


She offers you the space to feel and listen to your body and yourself. To accept your being and find home, joy and happiness in here and now.


Estelle grew up in a spiritual shamanic world, learning to respect nature: plants, animals, stones, water and human beings. Her nomadic lifestyle began with a journey to South America, where she lived for a couple of months. From there, Estelle moved to Asia (Mongolia & Cambodia) where she spent 10 years of her life and where she discovered and pursued the art of healing. With years, her passion to give and share has been growing stronger and she began to teach others about the powers everybody has within. In her Yoga, Nia, dance and meditation classes, Estelle offers a safe space to express yourself & initiate an inward journey. She gives tools you can use in your everyday life to create understanding and emotional release.
Discover her world and healing through Yoga philosophy, sound, dance, meditation, and energy. Open your heart and listen to its rhythm. It is time to express yourself!
She offers classes are for all with no experienced needed, no age limits, no conditions point out except to choose happiness and looks in our inner-self. Estelle’ workshop and sessions are given and taught with simplicity.

Open and listen to your heart. It’s time to express yourself!

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Anahé – The flower

“Anahé” means flower in Japanese. It is a name which represents for me the symbol of the spiritual elevation, a connection to the whole. It also means “grace”, a symbolic link with body, movement, dance, yoga. A name that appeared to me when I asked. Through my journeys and meeting from France to Asia where ever I put my bag, the people who accompanied me always gave me a flower nickname like in Mongolia ALTAN TSETSEG (Flower from the high Mountains of Altaï).
In Yoga, the lotus is linked to personal development, from the small seed that grows in earth to the stem that discovers the outside to become a colourful flower open to the world.
As my strongest spiritual journey was in Kyoto which still leaves me speechless, I choose this name for my classes and teaching.


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