Most of my classes are composed of a small group between 3 to 10 participants.
I also offer personalized individual lessons which take you to the heart of your movements, gently and carefully



  • Yoga - Dance - Relaxation & Sharing
  • 1st class is on Donation
  • 1h within a group
  • Online Class by Zoom or in person
  • Join & try out
1st class
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Within a Group

  • For 10 class pass
  • Online or in person
  • Yoga/Flow-Fusion/Prenatal classes
  • 10 people max per class
  • 1h-1h10
3 Month Validity
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Sacred Space

  • Individual Session
  • Yoga, Relaxation, expression & more
  • Online or In Person
  • Based on time, location and sessions
  • From 30 to 80€
with you
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Consistency and reliability is what support us and make us grow.

I wish to offers a special price to value commitment to yourself and the space we create together

Devoted Pass

  • You come every week for 1 session
  • Around 15 classes planed
  • 75-80″
  • Online and in person
  • Valid for group session only
Until Summer
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Growing with Support

  • You wish to join 2 times a week
  • Or maybe more
  • A reduction will be offer
  • Within a group join min 10 sessions
  • <8 private classes meetings
% 8-10off
for the second class
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Your Yoga Journey

  • Monthly, by semester, yearly
  • Many Ways to the Mat
  • When you choose consistency
  • Create your path
  • I am open to listen
For all others wishes
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Drop In

  • Online or In person
  • Yoga/Flow-Fusion/Prenatal classes
  • 75 to 80″
  • Join & try out
Per Session
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  • Students, Single parents, job seekers
  • Online or in person all classes
  • For difficult times (regardless of the reason)
  • Supporting each others
-% -
Discount may apply to you too
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Seddwell Members

  • Growing within the community
  • For all options
  • All classes
  • Group and Individual classes
  • -
% 10
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From Sept 2024 to June 2025 the prices will evolve with a Year Journey options of (30 classes) and a monthly membership.

Don’t hesitate to ask me… Looking forward to meet you on the mat !

KOHA Space

To me, Yoga embodies UNITY in its truest essence, encompassing the path of Karma Yoga—a journey of service and connection to a greater purpose that resonates within our hearts. In line with this philosophy, I’m honored to offer also Koha space, where I come in service to others. Here are some activities and times I’ve chosen to dedicate myself to our collective growth and well-being. As we continue on this journey together, more opportunities to be in service for me and to receive for you will naturally unfold.

Koha means a place where there is no price and exchange take place. A space where you can offer reciprocity connected to what you receive and what I offer guided by the principle of a fair donation or others possible ways too. It all us to create and connect.

Sacred Reciprocity

  • Once a trimester
  • Online, at the park or inside
  • We meet and offer to each other this space
  • Yoga and/or Flow classe
  • Shared
- Koha-
Fair Donation
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Special Summer

  • Online or In person classes
  • Or by Zoom
  • Yoga/Flow-Fusion/Prenatal classes
  • 10 people max per class
  • 75″-80″
On donation
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Moon Wisdom Circle

  • One Sunday a month - 2h
  • Circle of Talk
  • Ritual and connection
  • Relaxation and Meditation
  • Online or In Person
- Koha -
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Open Hours

From 9am to 6pm
Monday to Friday
Except during events and class time


Graz Austria


Phone : 004367762270584
WhatsApp: 0033643951640