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Learn with every breath how to observe your body and your emotions and then let go
Body Mind & Spirit

Body Mind & Spirit

A Journey within

I offer you here an beautiful routine
Each month receive 1 Yoga Routine & Relaxation,
meet me for Circle of Talk and an Individual Session

From 80 Euros per Month for 8 Months

Yoga & Relaxation

Yoga & Relaxation

Flow - Yin - Hatha

Breath in – observe the breath, breath out let go.
1h to 1h30
Online Individual Session
550€ for 10 classes

Holistic Session

Holistic Session

Energetic healing

Physical, energetical, emotional and spiritual body holistic healing.
Healing sessions in person, or by distance
On donation only

Swastha, The Ayurveda path to Balance

Ayurveda is a beautiful path of finding balance in life, between bodies. Here I invite you to deepen your understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual body with me. Discover your bodies constitution, find your inner balance in your physical body, get advices in nutrition, receive a program with massages, and so much more…

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Discover & Join Anahé’s Initiation & Workshop

Open and listen to your heart. It’s time to express yourself!
Following the Moon

Following the Moon

An Invitation each Month

Receive the energy of the Month & Participate to a circle of talk Together with a Visualisation
Rituals to Feel Sense & Share
35€ per Month

Healing Initiation

Healing Initiation

Learn about the Universe Energy & Healing

An 8 day workshop over 3-4 weekends or a full week
Learn a complete holistic protocol as well as the Medicinal Wheel
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Circle & Sound Healing

Circle & Sound Healing

“Voyage Sonore” and more

Guided meditation, “Voyage Sonore”, conscious movement, Mantra, creativity, circle of talks
Workshop - Events
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