Sacred Space

A time for you - One to One

@Nabila El Hadad

Time to bring movement and care to your body.  You would like to mix sport and spiritual activity that suits you and is adapted to your uniqueness. You would like to be accompanied and listened with simplicity within this time. You wish to dive into your body and explore all hits magic.

The sacred space is an individual session which we create together, Once a week/month, every 15 days, every weeks, we will choose together to adapt to your rhythm and your budget. We can meet at the park, online, at your place everything is flexible here.

In this space we will adapts each session to you, to your energies, your day. It allow  a real flow with flexibility in schedules and times. Yoga, Dance, Fusion, Movement, Pranayama, Relaxation. We open a door together and shape that space.

Find your space, anchor your body, your being and raise your energy through this times between movement and relaxation

1h to 1h15 per session at your own pace in individual

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