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Meeting with Estelle


The Story that lead me to Yoga & Teaching

Before Yoga:

I grew up in a spiritual shamanic world, learning to respect nature: plants, animals, stones, water, and human beings. I have followed Arts and Dance as a study then interculturality and communication. My  nomadic lifestyle probably began with my first year abroad. I was around my 20th. I left to USA as an Au Pair an amazing experience teaching creating with kids and connecting with the North Amerindian Spirits.

Then I came back to study tourism and Interculturality. My back pack brought me  to South America, in the Amazonian forest, where I lived for a couple of months, deepening my cultural connection to the plants while working on a project. And, from there, I moved to Asia where I spent 10 years as a Manager in Tourism Agency (Mongolia & then Cambodia). I thought I would live there.

I always had been spiritual, my understanding and vision of the world was always here. As it is for you too. This journey brought me back to me, each country, each space. I discovered and grew in my understanding and vision of the energetic world as well of who I am. The important here is with years, my passion to give and share had grown stronger and I began to teach others about the powers everybody has within. In the classes, I offer a safe space to express yourself & initiate an inward journey. I give tools you can use in your everyday life to create understanding and emotional release.

Discovering Yoga

I didn’t look for anything Yoga found me and I found the Mat. While I was living in Cambodia, I had a beautiful home and a wish to share it with others. So, I opened my doors to anyone wishing to be here and needed a place to stay for few months or more. And people came from many different universes. They had all a common point; they were deeply spiritual, and most were practicing Yoga.  Also Yoga teachers came to stay and I just felt curious, our spiritual world and understanding were so similar, plus I definitely needed a space for a little sport and activities. So I just asked them to teach me.

My first teacher was Enzo (he was leaving in Bali) amazing in his teaching and approach. I learned from him the importance of finding yourself beautiful in every space, asanas, and breath, slowly diving there. Of course, we became friends. Then came Jeof with whom I will practice Accro-Yoga and dive into trusting the other and self while having so much fun. In the same timing, Kat arrived, an amazing and beautiful being with so much surrender. There are no words. You may just want to meet her. She stayed long and our friendship is the encounter and unity of two worlds. By this time, I was on the Mat quite often almost every other day.


While I was also learning Yoga and practicing, I met so many amazing Souls: my neighbour Sophie, a healer; Katia, a Medium; friends, shamans coming to visit; guardians of the stone (Daya and Hector); the essential oil makers and creators; Reiki practicionners, Musicians so connected who brought me to my voices… The list is long and exhaustive… While writing, I connect with all of them. Also, Laurent and his wife (my boss back there and now friend) are part of this space, as well as the people in Asia all the friends foreigners and local where a piece of the beautiful sands that created this space now. I always met people on the road deeply connected to energy and spiritual. Cambodia was the space my Soul chose to put all pieces together and create a new space… And so many Souls were here waiting to connect, exchange, and create together. This place and space open my vision into who we are.

And it all made Sense

I loved my job back then, I still do. I just felt I could do also something more. I enjoy so much being on the Mat exploring my body sensing and aligning too as well as all the energetic practice and exploration. Kat was offering a Yoga Teacher Training in Vinyasa and Hatha (she has been living in India half of her life, maybe more now). So just like this I was in ! Between Job and training I began to deepen my practice.Then I begin to teach friends Individual sacred space and a few classes around too as people came and ask. Within a beautiful flow the space was and still is creating itself by people asking me and me choosing to listen and create with simplicity : Yoga, Individual Space, Ceremony, Dance, Jams Music Session, Circle of Talk, Meditation all was coming together from people asking me. And most of them I didn’t know them.


Back to Europe

Then I felt it was time to come back to Europe, to my roots. So I left Asia, returning to France with an open heart, eager to create a beautiful and safe space. The same way it was unfolding in Cambodia to share wisdom, understanding, for you to be listened and transform within each session. Create a space to travel with me within your body space.

I went for another Teacher Training in Hatha and Kundalini Yoga, as well as Yoga for kids. Funny enough it was in Vienna Austria little did I know at this time… I settle in France with a beautiful studio and many classes through association, amazing people and in the studio : they were Yoga, Yoga for kids, Dance, Nia, Meditation, Ceremonies, Circle of Talk…

Settling in Graz

Love brought me to Graz and I met a beautiful community of people that I am getting to know now. So today, I am settling down gradually in Graz with the support of the community. Learning Austrian, finalising my Ayurveda Study to be able to also bring here the massage practice…  It is aligning here and now softly…

I aspire to invite people to join me on this journey through Yoga philosophy, sound, dance, meditation, moon wisdom circle and energy. Open your heart, listen to its rhythm, and express yourself to find harmony. It’s time to welcome your body here and now.

The space and classes I offer

The space and classes I offer are for everyone, with no experience needed, no age limits, and no conditions specified, except choosing happiness and exploring our inner selves. Workshops and sessions are conducted with simplicity and care. A true heart and care in each space. Meet me on the mat and let’s connect to our breath. Check out my page about it here : and below too.

Deepening my Studying

As for the training and learning it will never ends, wisdom are everywhere, there is always something to know, to discover, to deepen in the practice so I also choose to follow my heart. I studied Hatha Yoga as a based, as well as Yoga-Dance, Prenatal classes, support and props for Yoga, Pranayamas with teacher training and also books, meeting, and self. The bigger steps now is the Ayurvedic Study 3 years now exploring the texts, the wisdom of Ayurveda within the body, the plants, the massages, Yoga, pregnancy, teenagers and much more…. It brings something to the universe and the session and I am grateful the universe brought me there. But Ayurveda is another story to come and write very soon… Until then, I hope to see you soon on the Mat with me.

Join Me

As I reveal to you a part of who am I am and what brought me here to you on the mat, I hope to meet you soon on the Mat creating and listening to our body way. There is more to come and create as always.



Dive into this universe with me through Yoga philosophy, sound, dance, meditation, and energy.

Open your heart and listen to its rhythm. It is time to express yourself and find harmony!

The workshop and sessions are given and taught with simplicity and ease.



 As a Yoga and Intuitive Flow-Movement instructor,
I create a space where wisdom  of Asia and the shamanic universe connecting with nature interconnect, meet and create.
I offer you the space to feel and listen to your body and yourself. To accept your being and find home, joy and happiness in here and now.

Anahé’s Universe & Tools

Yoga, Flow, Méditations, Holistic space, & more

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“Anahé” means flower in Japanese and also Love. It is a name which represents for me the symbol of the spiritual elevation, a connection to the whole. It also means “grace”, a symbolic link with body, movement, dance, yoga. A name that appeared to me when I asked. Through my journeys and meeting from France to Asia where ever I put my bag, the people who accompanied me always gave me a flower nickname like in Mongolia ALTAN TSETSEG (Flower from the high Mountains of Altaï).
In Yoga, the lotus is linked to personal development, from the small seed that grows in earth to the stem that discovers the outside to become a colourful flower open to the world.
As my strongest spiritual journey was in Kyoto which still leaves me speechless, I choose this name for my classes and teaching.

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