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I offer you here a space to connect with your physical, energetical and immaterial bodies. I will accompany you and allow you to understand and accept whatever comes up. Through holistic sessions in person, or by distance but also meditation, yoga and much more. Individual sessions, family connection etc. Everything is here to help us grow to become when it is given with love and light. (not 100% sure what you mean by that sentence, so I just changed it a bit in the way I understand)
Depending on your individual needs, together we will explore the best possible answers and solutions to your questions and discovery. The following is an example of the sessions I can offer.

ONE ON ONE HEALING SESSION (in person) – Comfortably over a cup of coffee or tea, relaxed and casual conversation before our healing session. 30 Min to 1 Hr. discovery conversation and healing. On donation

SPIRITUAL HEALING – Focusing on your physical energetic body and its connection with your spiritual body, I will scan your body and connect you with your Spiritual Guide, (Protector / Angel) feeling and seeing the emotions as well as clean and recharge to new heights of awareness and connection to your own universe. By meeting only –30 Min. to 1h. On donation

GUIDANCE TO CONSCIOUSNESS & UNDERSTANDING – Available through online or one on one, explore & understand what is not working and what your body is telling you through pain, illness and emotions. – Minimum 1h. On donation

DISTANCE PHYSICAL HEALING & CHAT ONLINE – We live in a world where our bodies may need to be re-aligned with our natural and spiritual state. Chronic headaches, stomach pain, eczema and back pains are symptoms of conditions that are not only physically caused but have their effect on our physical condition. Estelle can also contact you online for a productive and convenient session – 20 Min to 1 Hr. (USD 40 for the first session then on donation if you need or wish to have more session after a month of work)

ANIMAL HEALING – Animals have physical energetic bodies – If your pet is physically stressed re-alignment can help. 30 Min. On donation

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