SWASTHA the path of health and balance

Ayurveda Constitution, Massages & Therapy

Ayurveda is a beautiful path of finding balance in life, between bodies.

Here I invite you to deepen your understanding of your physical, mental and spiritual body with me.

Let’s dive in together. Do you want to discover your Ayurveda Constitution or receive a Massage. Click below to know more about it…

Ayurveda Constitution

Ayurveda Constitution

Are you Pitta, Vata or Kapha ?

Find out about your Ayurveda constitution and bring balance into your life. I will meet you and offer you guideline or a program to find harmony inside your body.

Ayurveda Therapy and Massage

Ayurveda Therapy and Massage

Find The Theraphy for your body

I offer beautiful well-being therapy & massages. Relax with different technique : stone massage, ayurvedic yoga massage, abhyanga, urdvatanam, podikhizhi...

How & Why I choose Ayurveda ?

I began my path into Ayurveda without knowing it a few years ago when meeting one of the most beautiful person. She is my friend, my teacher and the one who slowly brought me to this path. She was teaching me Yoga while living at my home. We were sharing two worlds between the Yellow Path and the Red path. I would say we both connected our understanding of the world to create a balance between it. She taught me Yoga and my first Massage Ayurvedic Yoga Massage. A beautiful massage on the floor, a flow, a danse between bodies, hands and Yoga.

This massage in 2016 brought me to wants to learn more, to offer other technique. I always had so many questions like:

  • is this massage really for the person in front of me.
  • Is this oil is the right one,
  • how about the plant I am using…

I wanted to understand and deepen. I felt a call here. A first call.

A First experience

Then I did experience Ayurveda as a treatment for me. A first soft approach and a massage with a French Man in Clermont Ferrand. A second teacher on the road, he taught me about the breath, and how important it was for me, for my body and for all of us. I am all so grateful for his teaching and healing.


GUIDED TO Ayurveda

And the third step the One which brought me to learn and practice was when I ask Grand Ma Anick. She is the shaman I grow up with and teaching me the Lakota Path as well as the runes. I ask her once. I told her how I felt when I was doing massage and that I wanted to learn more. And here she was, as always, listening to the spirit voices, telling me “Ayurveda”. And that was it, 2021 I stop everything almost and begin to learn. And he just felt like all of the basic knowledge were already inside me, ready to be use. I am studying since then and connecting with the beautiful school of Gayaveda (to become an Ayurveda Consultant and Massage therapist), but also with Anouk (Marma Therapy), Enora and Dr Yadun.

The adventure he just beginning, to me it became SWASTHA, the path of health and balance, 
the inner way that I am choosing to walk on, and to connect with.


What I feel know, is my inner balance is a Path of colors :  Red (Lakota and Mexican),  White (Where I come from – France)  & Yellow (India, Mongolia, Cambodia).
Here I invite you to step in with me to the Yellow Path, 
the one of Ayurveda, where your physical and mental body become the connection.
And Now I am sharing it with you
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