Body Mind & Spirit Life

A Journey within

A beautiful Online Journey bringing you Home.

I offer you here, a challenge to step in with me in your universe. Unit and connect your bodies.

Because walking home can only find is path if all bodies are connected and if YOU create space for all what feels TRUE to YOU.

A  Monthly Routine to guide you through your bodies

Its include for each Month :

  • The Moon’s News (1 Newsletter with an Audio) to follow the energy surrounding you and get some tools you will receive it on 8th of the Month (with a Cards reading, The stone of the Month, a Mantra & a Ritual).
  • “A Flow to Heal” 1 Video to watch & rewatch (Yoga – Flow – Mouvement – Fitness – Joy). A practice of 30-40″ to do at home everyday or every other days following what feel right for you. You will receive it every 10th of the Month and will be able to practice and deepen within each day at your own path.
  • Or “Your Yoga Journey” A Yoga Class Pass 10 to 20 Sessions validity depend of the number of session choosen.
  • 1 individual meeting with me  per Month (healing, coaching, Ayurveda, we decide together)  A time to explore your own universe with me and connect.
  • “The Circle of Talk” 1 meeting in circle where we will get our body to move and the share, visualise together in Circle. The first Friday of the Month to connect and share. Because together we can create so much more.
  • “A place to share” become part of a group through a WhatsApp Group and creating a space to support and grow together.
  • “I am here with You” Share with me in a regular base news, feelings, and the space you create within you.


READY For a 8 Months Cycle ? 




“I choose to create the Body, Mind & Spirit Path to allow YOU to keep a rythme through the Month.  Join me and DEEPEN through your own amazing PATH explore your body with Yoga & Dance Flow, bring yourself home with relaxation time,  follow the energy of the moment. Learn about some simple ways to keep your inner space and heal your bodies
Understand and feel who you Are and what is your Universe.”

Your Journey to Self

  • From 111€ for 1 Month with 4 Yoga Classes
  • To 55€/months including the Flow to Heal (no Yoga class)
  • For 4 Months and more
  • And all the possibilities between
  • Like 88€/Months with 10 to 20 Yoga sessions included in the price
  • This price can be adapt to your wishes and situation
  • A package we create together
  • Contact me for further Information
From 55€
Per Month
I am In !

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