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Moon Wisdom Circle

A monthly ceremony, a ritual in a circle, aligning with the Moon and its cycles. It’s a moment to share with one another, a space to talk and be heard, where expressions are met with attentive ears.
Within this circle, we aim to foster a safe environment for everyone, filled with care and joy.
This time is also a ceremony and ritual, offering a chance to bring peace to the body, mind, and spirit.
Feel free to bring your own stone, feather, herbs, candle, or anything that resonates with you on this day as a means to connect within the circle. Koha* (fair donation) appreciated
The circle includes a dedicated time for open conversation and attentive listening, an Artistic Touch (dance, clay, drawing, all depends on the energy) and a visual relaxation space. We will be guided by the Moon Wisdom of the 13th Grand Mothers Clan, written by Jamie Jams.
Let’s cultivate together a secure space and a sense of community where we can collectively evolve and grow together.
1h to 2h depends of the number of participants
Koha Base (donation)
A circle of talk is a space where we can all express ourselves safely while other listen – passing the talk stick. Following the Lakota tradition and teaching.
Circle of Talk – Arts/Craft – Pranayama – Meditation

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