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Join me for Yoga with simplicity and Joy. In a space where serenity becomes the canvas for our collective yoga practice. In the midst of the bustling workweek, find solace in this oasis of calm as we embark on a transformative journey on the mat, exploring the art of Hatha yoga together.

Why Simply Yoga? After a long day at work, as the week nears its end, I invite you to join me on the mat for an evening of care and nurturing. Simply Yoga offers more than just physical exercise; it’s an opportunity to unwind, relax, release, and reconnect with your breath and body through gentle Asana.

What to Expect: Indulge in an evening of self-care and rejuvenation as we guide our bodies through a sequence of mindful movements. Each class is thoughtfully designed to help you release tension, quiet the mind, and rediscover the harmony within. With a focus on breath awareness and mindful movement, you’ll leave feeling refreshed and revitalized, ready to embrace the weekend ahead.

Why Join Us: Whether you’re seeking stress relief, improved flexibility, or simply a moment of tranquility, Simply Yoga offers a sanctuary where you can replenish your energy and nurture your well-being. Our serene space provides the perfect environment to escape the demands of daily life and prioritize your self-care journey.

When: Every Wednesday at 6.10 PM & Thursday at 7:30 PM

Where: Join us at the Seddwell Center in Graz, where tranquility awaits. Our dedicated space is designed to foster a sense of peace and serenity, allowing you to fully immerse yourself in the practice.

Who Can Join: All levels are welcome, from beginners to experienced practitioners. Whether you’re stepping onto the mat for the first time or are a seasoned yogi, our classes cater to individuals of all backgrounds and abilities. Modifications and variations will be provided to suit your individual needs, ensuring a safe and inclusive practice for all.

Investment in Self-Care: Invest in yourself and prioritise your well-being by joining us for Simply Yoga. Take this opportunity to unwind, recharge, and nourish your body, mind, and spirit. Your journey to inner peace begins here.

Class Hours

18:10 - 19:00
19:30 - 20:20

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