Sense, Feel & Move Your Chakra Workshop 1

Sense, Feel & Move Your Chakra Workshop 1

Choose to create your space through your being, find UNITy VERS (towards) Your Being 2h of sharing resonance, words, dance, Joy

Sense, Feel, Explore & Dance Your Chakras


A Workshop in two times both at 6PM UK Time on Zoom

  • On 8th of April, we will create a space together to discover and experience the first 4 chakras from our roots to our hearts.
  • On 29 of April, we continue our exploration from the heart to the  crown and Beyond

During these two workshop of a 1h10 I will present to you the chakras, offer you to visualise, feel and sense them and then through dance create a healing space to balance the energy and connect to your inner being.

Schedule :
– 20″ of presentation & healing tools for each chakra
– 30″ of Nia Resonance & Free-dance Space to feel, sense and Move from your roots to your heart
– 10″ of Meditation – relaxation – visualisation and alignement
– & a time to exchange, share, through a beautiful circle of talk as our ancestors use to do …

All participants will also receive a short pdf presentation to deepen their path and perception of the chakra


With these workshop you will deepen your understanding of the chakras and feel their energy, fill yourself with theirs powers.  It will lead you to your own space and power through movement, observation, Joy and sharing.

This invitation will bring you to a beautiful path, a deep healing process and growth from the seed to the flower


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