New Moon Ritual

New Moon Ritual


“News from The Moon” for whom and why?

  • to accompany the Women Circles of talk of The Full Moon and gently let yourself be lulled by the cycle.
  • to also find oneself between Men and Women at other phases of the moon and to meet on the same path together
  • For those who would like to put meaning in consciousness in their emotions and feelings and learn to observe them
  • And also for those who receive or have received care with me and would like to continue to deepen with me, with a dedicated time each month individually


Schedule with 3 months listening to “The News from The Moon” – New Moon Circle with:

  • – A Monthly Meeting the week of The New Moon on Tuesday at 6.15 p.m. between Movement (Yoga), Listening (1 Reading), Sharing (Intentions of the Month) & Meditation (1 time to return to oneself) -1h10-
  • And an individual time with me during the Month (40 ”by appointment – Healing, Meditation, Yoga, coaching following your path)


For women this little program will align with the Full Moon circles. I do not include in “The News from the Moon” the Full Moon Women circle because it is sacred to me, it is a place of sharing. And I want to give it its own space and identity and above all leave it on donation. The “Path of the Moon” will accompany this circle only. This Newness is being tested with you and I hope you will be satisfied with it. Perhaps it will evolve for the next 3 Month cycle as well. I wish you a wonderful April New Moon, and see you on May 11th I hope



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