Settling in Graz

Settling in Graz

Join me for new class and space in graz

🌟🕊️ Join me on a Journey of Wellness and Exploration in Graz! 🌿✨

As I settle into Graz, I’m thrilled to open the doors to a realm of serenity and self-discovery. Here’s a glimpse into the spaces and activities I’m offering, and I invite you to share this with your loved ones and join me in the pursuit of inner peace and growth. Remember, everything is better with a friend by your side! 🤗

🧘 Seddwell Center Classes:
***Thursday 6.15pm Sacred Fusion: Immerse yourself in the harmonious blend of Yoga and Flow, a divine union of body and spirit.
***Saturday 9am Gentle Ease: Indulge in a nurturing Yoga class, complete with props and gentle care to soothe your soul.
***Saturday 10.15am Prenatal Harmony: Calling all expectant mothers! Join me for a special Yoga session tailored just for you and your precious journey.

💻 Online Classes:
***Lundi Yoga 19h20: Join me on Zoom for a rejuvenating Yoga session, conducted in French, to uplift your spirits at the start of the week.
***Tuesday 7.20pm Online Bliss: Dive into the realm of bliss with our online session on Zoom, conducted in English, where tranquility knows no bounds.

🌙 Every Month:
***Wisdom Circle: Embark on a journey of enlightenment with our monthly Wisdom Circle, held at Seddwell Center, where insights are shared and spirits are uplifted.
***News of the Moon Circle: Join us online once a month on Sunday evenings to connect with the celestial rhythms and harness their energy for personal growth.
***SPA Brunch Day: Treat yourself to a blissful Sunday morning at Seddwell Center with our indulgent SPA Brunch Day, a monthly ritual of relaxation and rejuvenation.

🌱 And More to Create and Become:
***Individual Sessions: Tailored sessions at your home or online, designed to align with your unique path and objectives.
***Corporate Yoga: Elevate your company’s well-being with our specialized Yoga sessions, tailored for events or weekly sessions to foster a culture of wellness.
***Associative Classes: Let’s co-create Yoga spaces within your association, tailored to your needs and desires.
***Kids Yoga: Nurture your child’s body and mind with our playful and educational Kids Yoga classes.
***Teenager Space: A sanctuary for teenagers to explore Yoga, arts, spirituality, and personal growth together.
***Body Mind & Spirit Life: Embark on an enriching journey within with our comprehensive program, offering Yoga, individual sessions, talk circles, and more, spread across the months.

🌺 Let’s embark on this journey together, creating spaces of harmony, growth, and well-being. Share this with your friends and loved ones, and let’s co-create a world filled with love, peace, and serenity.

Join one of the class already existing or create your own and come with a friend…

See you on the mat!

Namaste. 🙏✨

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WhatsApp : +33643951640
Phone : +4367762270584

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